Ducted Gas Heating

Natural gas ducted heating is a powerful and fast way to heat your entire home. It’s also an incredibly comfortable option, so many Staycool customers believe it’s the superior way to stay toasty and warm through Melbourne winters.

How does ducted gas heating work?

A ducted gas system draws air through a return air grille located in a central place in the home. The airflow is pushed over a heat exchanger that heats the air and distributes it through your ceiling or floor outlets. The airflow then circulates back to the return grille, where the process starts again.

The heat exchanger or furnace is fuelled by LPG or natural gas and can be installed within the roof space, externally or under your home.



Planning your ducted gas heating system

Gas ducted heating is a long-term investment, so there are a few things to consider before you purchase a system.

  1. Will the system work for your home as your family grows or your needs change?
  2. Should you use zoning with your heating systems, such as a day/night setup or separating living and sleeping areas?
  3. Will your new system offer the best energy efficiency ratings?
  4. Do you need to add a refrigerated system to the ducting to keep your home comfortable all year round?


Talk to the experts

When planning your ducted gas heating, it pays to get the right expertise from the beginning. This can save you money and time down the track. Staycool ensures you’ve considered all of your options and chosen the system that suits your needs — both now and into the future.

For a no-obligation assessment of your heating and cooling, make sure you contact Staycool.

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