If you’re in the market for gas heating, it’s important to take your time selecting the right system for your needs, as this will help you to avoid making a decision you might regret later. In this post we cover 5 mistakes you need to avoid when choosing the right gas heater for your needs.

1. Choosing an inappropriately-sized system

When looking into heating you need to consider the size of the space you want to heat, including the height of your ceilings. Installing a heater that is too small could lead to higher energy bills as your heater struggles to provide the warmth you need, and discomfort in your home on cold nights.

On the other hand, a heater that is too large could cost you more than you actually need to spend and may lead to wasted energy. As well as the size of your space, it’s also important to consider your climate, and the layout and construction of your home – including building materials and level of insulation.

Remedy: to avoid choosing an inappropriate system, make sure to get a professional evaluation regarding the right size gas heater for your home.

2. Not considering energy efficiency

According to the Department of Industry, natural gas heating is one of the most efficient forms of heating around, as well as being one of the lowest producers of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, choosing the most efficient system now may cost a little more upfront, but could save you money by reducing energy bills in the long term.

Remedy: make sure to discuss energy efficiency with your professional heating technician in order to get the most efficient system for your budget.

3. Not considering the zoning feature

In a ducted system, zoning enables you to close off heating to unoccupied areas, which saves you wasting energy and money by heating empty rooms.

Remedy: make sure to look into zoning when considering gas ducted heating in Melbourne.

4. Thinking too much about the short-term

In selecting the best heater for your needs, you need to think ahead and not just to the coming winter. For example, will you be likely to expand your home and your family in the future? And what about cooling? After all, summers can also get pretty hot in Melbourne, and you might want to consider a system than cools as well as heats.

Remedy: consider whether you also want to cool your home in the summer, and whether the heating system you choose now will still meet your needs in a few years’ time.

5. Spending too much or too little on heating

Rushing in and going too cheap could result in a heating system that is not right for your home in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. On the other hand, you don’t want to make the opposite mistake of paying more for heating than you need to!

Remedy: take your time to check out gas heating systems so that you get the best one within your budget and means.

What to do next

Prior to installing gas heating for our clients at Staycool, we discuss their heating needs with them and provide a range of options to suit their requirements, climate, desires and budgetary constraints. Contact us at Staycool for more information or for a no-obligation quote on gas ducted heating.