MyAir Zoning System

Sick of the ‘turn it up!’ and ‘turn it down!’ arguments in your home? Looking to control your temperature with your device (or even your voice)?

Consider installing MyAir — Staycool’s smart airconditioning system. MyAir gives you the freedom to control the temperature in each zone of your home using an app or voice commands through Google Home or Amazon Alexa. 

You can select up to ten distinct areas in your home and control them individually, running heating or cooling only in the rooms you’re using and at the temperature you prefer. MyAir is Australian made, with Australian customer support, and works with all the air conditioning brands we sell at Staycool.

How does MyAir zoning work?

You can create a personalised heating and cooling experience using the MyAir app or touchscreen control. This app functions as a remote control, allowing you to easily turn on your air conditioning or heating in different zones of your home. We get it — everyone has a different temperature that makes them feel comfortable. MyAir is the perfect solution for keeping every member of the family happy.

Not only that, it allows you to adjust the temperature when it’s most convenient for you. Leaving the house in the middle of Summer? Not a problem. Turn on MyAir and enjoy coming home to a cool and comfortable environment. Worried your kids are getting too chilly in the middle of the night? Simply turn up the heating in their rooms without needing to leave your bed.

Planning your MyAir zoning system

Incorporating smart zoning into your new or existing home allows you to turn off heating and cooling in the rooms you’re not occupying. When planning your MyAir zoning system, you’ll need to consider things like:

  1. How many zones will you look to heat or cool?
  2. Will you need to install a temperature control sensor to adjust the airflow in certain rooms?
  3. Do you want to incorporate the rest of your smart home into the MyPlace ecosystem?


Talk to the experts

Staycool is proud to be MyAir specialists, assisting you with air conditioning set up and MyAir zoning. If you’d like expert advice about what MyAir can do for your home (and energy bills), make sure you talk to a member of our friendly team. 


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