Terms of Service

Staycool refers to “Staycool Heating and Airconditioning PTY LTD”
ACN 072 687 275. Customer refers to you, the purchaser of the goods as described in the sales contract.

A minimum of 50% deposit is required for Staycool to process sales contract sheet, order equipment and book your installation. This is strictly non-refundable, unless cancellation of this contract is due to the unavailability of the stock or the equipment physically cannot be installed. Deposit monies can be credited against your account for future purchases at Staycool. This does not affect your statutory rights. If a cooling off period applies, Staycool reserves the right to charge the customer 5% of the total sale price (Inc. GST) administration and or restocking fee for all cancellations.

All quotes are valid for a period of 30 days. Where a deposit has been taken to hold costs, Staycool will hold costs on the appliance(s), where the deposit is in excess of the supply cost for the appliance(s). All other components (Ductwork, Fittings, Fixtures, Labor)  are subject to price rises after a period of 180 days. Staycool reserve the right apply a price rise where it is reasonable to do so, after the initial 180 day period.

(a) Unless otherwise agreed by Staycool in writing, payment must be made without deduction, retention, or set-off of any kind.
(b) The customer agrees to pay Staycool progress payments which will be invoiced and communicated to the customer in advance for any installations deemed to be works in progress or under construction to the value of works to be complete or part thereof.
(c) Final payment is expected on the day of completion. If the payment is not made on completion, the controller will be removed until final payment is made. Further charges will apply if installer needs to reattend to reinstall the controller because of non-payment.

If the customer does not provide quick and prompt payment to settle the account after delivery or installation,
(a) The customer authorises Staycool to apply interest on an overdue account at the rate prescribed by the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983 (VIC) plus 3%.
(b) Staycool may pass your debt onto an external Debt Collection Agency to recover your debt, which will result in additional collections fees & any legal costs being passed on to the customer, which may affect your credit rating.

Staycool will absorb the merchant fee for any deposits paid by Visa or Mastercard only under $2,500. Merchant fees of 1.5% for Visa/Mastercard & 1.75% plus GST for American Express will be charged on all balance payments made after the installation date, unless indicated in writing on the original sales contract.

(a) Title in goods will not pass until the customer has made full payment of all monies owed to Staycool.
(b) Staycool reserves the right to take possession and dispose of goods as it sees fit at any time until full payment is made to Staycool and the customer grants permission to Staycool to enter any property where any goods have been installed, in order to do so with such force as necessary.

Staycool will always carry out the installation in a professional manner. The customer should ensure that all the movable items are removed from where tradesman require access. All other items subject to damage should either be cleared or protected to enable installer’s clear access for the work to be completed without hinderance.

Staycool does not have liability for any of the following:
(a) Any plaster, render or other surfaces cracking or collapsing during or after the installation of the goods.
(b) Any weakening or collapse of the structure to which the product is affixed occurring at any time after installation.
(c) Any damage to or deterioration in the condition of the goods at any time after installation.
(d) Any damage to the product resulting from power failure.
(e) Any minor scratches or dents caused to equipment due the normal course of delivery and installation.
(f) Any water damage due to the failure of the buyer having adequately maintained and/or functioning guttering / drainage system during or after the installation of goods.
(g) Exposed conduit, pipes & capping etc. where required in the installation process, and colour mismatch of the same.

Any alteration from the signed sales contract which involves extra material or labour costs will only be undertaken with the written authority of the customer.

(a) Quotes are valid for 30 days. Staycool reserves the right to decline acceptance of quotations, and to also amend typographical errors in quotations.
(b) Staycool quoted price is valid for a period of no more than 30 days from the date of the quote, prices will then be subject to price increases and or price index rises.

(a) The customer acknowledges that any time specified in any order or indicated by Staycool at or before the time of this contract as the time of delivery and installation of the goods is an estimate and is not contractually binding.
(b) The customer agrees that Staycool will not be liable for any loss caused by any delay in delivering or installation of the goods caused for whatever reason, does not give rise to any right of the customer to retain, withhold or delay payment of any sum due to Staycool under this contract or to cancel this order.

A standard manufacturer’s materials warranty on ductwork, fittings and accessories applies. The manufacturer provides the underlying warranty on the goods. A 12-month materials warranty applies to Controllers, Zone Motors & Commercial Applications. When Staycool changes over heating / cooling unit to premises, Staycool has nil liability or warranty for existing pipe work, ducting or balancing. Once a warranty service call is lodged with the manufacturer, the manufacturer’s service company will aim to rectify the fault within a reasonable period, during normal working days and working hours.
The job is considered complete at the time the installation process is finished and balance is due & payable. This is irrespective of whether the goods are fully functional or in need of servicing under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Utility Upgrades
Staycool does not provide for any electrical mains, gas or water upgrades. This is the customers or householder’s responsibility.

(a) New premises: The customer is responsible to provide all utilities to installed equipment. This includes a gas supply and gas cock to gas ducted heaters, power points for gas ducted heater, and evaporative cooling units within 1 metre of appliance, and appropriate electrical isolators for refrigerated condensing units. The customer is responsible for appropriate drainage of evaporative coolers and refrigerated coils & condensers.
(b) Existing premises: For gas ducted heating, evaporative coolers, refrigerated airconditioning and other products, Staycool provides local connection only for gas, power & water where required to the buyers existing gas line, water line or power.
(c) Locating unit and outlets: If the customer is not home at the time of installation, Staycool will make its best efforts to install the unit and outlets in the most practical and appropriate position available. This will take into consideration limiting structural factors that may lead to the installers deviating from the original plan, irrespective of what has been written in the sales contract or been communicated by Staycool sales consultants. If the customer requests for Staycool to change the location of the unit or any register after installation, this will be a cost borne by the customer to be separately quoted by Staycool. The customer will be responsible for the cost of returning the affected services to their original condition, such as, but not limited to rendering, painting and plastering and the like
(d) Air Balancing: With ducted heating or cooling systems, Staycool attempts to balance the outlets as best as possible, however precise balancing of air volumes is not possible. If the customer requests for Staycool to rebalance air volumes after the day of installation, this will be chargeable to customer.
(e) All rubbish: Staycool will only remove Manufacturer’s packaging and minor rubbish.

Where zoning is quoted as part of a ducted or multi head system, it is taken that the system does not have the capacity to heat and/or cool the customer’s entire premises, and zones must be closed to heat and/or cool to achieve rated conditions.

(a) Design conditions are based on the customer installing the appropriate roof and wall insulation, internal and external window covering, particularly north/west facing.
(b) Equipment is specified based upon rated conditions. Rated test conditions are based on Australian Standards 1861. Condition A: indoor conditions, cooling dry bulb 27 degrees, wet bulb 19 degrees, outdoor dry bulb 35 degrees, 24 degrees wet bulb, heating conditions are based upon 21 degrees dry bulb, outdoor dry bulb 7 degrees, 6 degrees wet bulb.
(c) The customer must notify Staycool in writing (when placing its order) of any specific installation requirements or restrictions (including for the avoidance of doubt, heritage overlays) that may impact on the installation location of goods.

You acknowledge and agree to accept our terms and conditions once you have paid your deposit.

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