Home air conditioners are designed to last around 10 years or so with regular use. However, much like sentient life forms, they can end up burning out early if not properly cared for! A system may even last longer than 10 years if treated extra well.

Read on for tips on what you can do to get the maximum life and value out of your air conditioner in Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia.

Tips for air conditioner longevity

1.Get the temperature right :

set the thermostat at 18°C to 21°C in winter and 23°C to 26°C in summer, as this helps to ensure that the unit is not being overworked during hot and cold weather and is still providing you with indoor comfort. Also, look into other ways to keep cool to avoid overworking your system – such as passive design, external shading, quality insulation, and ceiling fans.

2.Keep it clean and healthy :

a clean air conditioner will run better than one that has been allowed to gather dust and dander and has a blocked airflow. This can be managed by regularly cleaning reusable filters, and replacing filters according to manufacturer instructions if and when required. Reusable filters can be cleaned in mild detergent and warm water and then left to thoroughly dry before reuse. Households with indoor pets may need to clean their filters more often than those without due to build-up of dander. It’s also important to ensure that external components such as condensers are kept clear of debris such as dirt, dust and leaves.

3.Look after your system’s ductwork (if applicable) :

this includes covering it over when you are doing renovations or any other work that will generate dust, and keeping it free from moisture entry. It’s also important to ensure all ductwork joins are well sealed. Minor repairs can be done with heat-resistant tape, but more serious damage may require professional attention. Insulating ducts to R1.5 can improve the efficiency of your system as well.

4.Look after your system’s coils :

this can be done by lightly wiping or brushing away dirt and dust. Bent coils may also obstruct airflow and can be straightened with a fin comb. Fin combs are usually available from appliance spare parts suppliers.

5.Have your system regularly maintained :

this helps to keep it in top condition. A maintenance session may involve a check-up, refrigerant top-up, and various parts adjustments as needed. It’s important that this is handled by a professional qualified technician who is licensed to handle refrigerants.

Other steps you can take include keeping your cooling vents clear of obstructions, ensuring there is no direct sun on external components, and making sure that internal doors are closed off to unused areas of the home, so that your system doesn’t have to work harder than it should.

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