Have you ever been surprised by your broken HVAC system and made last minute hasty calls to the contractor to fix it up?

We understand it is not a particularly enjoyable exercise. It can be prevented if you do regular safeguarding of your HVAC systems. Like any mechanical equipment, your air conditioning and heating system needs regular maintenance to protect your investment and avoid the cost and hassle of major fixes. Establishing yearly HVAC maintenance service with a professional contractor helps keep your system tuned and efficient.

There are more, but following three reasons will convince you why you should stick to a preventive HVAC maintenance schedule with a certified contractor:

The first one is that a preventive maintenance helps your equipment last longer. Your cooling and heating system is a major investment that’s key to your home comfort — and it’s costly to repair or replace. Yearly HVAC maintenance and service — which includes cleaning coils and checking pressures, voltage, electrical connections, belts and refrigerant levels — helps your technician catch small problems before they contribute to bigger ones that damage your equipment, cutting its life short.

Secondly, regular service improves energy efficiency. To get the most savings out of your cooling system, explicit areas need to be checked by an HVAC professional. Refrigerant levels should be very close to the manufacturer’s specifications. Blowers/air handlers need to be verified and adjusted if necessary for correct airflow. A visual examination of your ductwork system is a must — many homes lose a lot of energy to inefficient ductwork. Sealing leaky joints and checking for adequate insulation goes a long way toward achieving maximum efficiency and safety.

Lastly, well-maintained systems make your home more comfortable. Poorly maintained systems are less able to work as they were designed. That often means homeowners experience uneven heating and cooling throughout their living spaces and temperatures that never quite reaches the settings at the thermostat. Poorly maintained HVAC equipment can also contribute to stuffiness of rooms, poorly regulated indoor humidity and poor indoor air quality.

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