If you have a gas, hydronic or reverse-cycle heating system in your home, the last thing you need is for it to stop working in the middle of a Melbourne winter! Unfortunately this does happen, which means it’s important to always use your system correctly and to keep it in good condition to prevent such problems occurring.

Still, even in well-maintained systems things can go wrong, so it’s important to recognise problem signs in your home heating.

Gas heaters

Gas heaters may be either flued or un-flued. In a system without a flue, the fumes are not expelled outside through a chimney or flue, and this could lead to indoor air pollution if they are not used safely and correctly. This in turn can lead to home occupants suffering headaches or feeling unwell, or to a build-up of moisture and mould inside the building.

The problem of indoor pollution can be avoided by ensuring there is sufficient ventilation in the room by either vents or an open window, and making sure vents are not blocked by objects or debris.

In a ducted gas system, problems may occur if there is a build-up of dust, pet dander or fluff in the vents and duct work. This can be remedied by unscrewing the vents and cleaning them with a cloth and water, and also by wiping the duct entrances with a damp cloth. For damaged ducts, however, it’s best to call a technician rather than trying to do the repairs yourself on your gas ducted heating.

If you have a gas heater that makes a banging sound when ignited, or that is hot to touch or shows signs of heat damage, you should switch it off completely and call your technician.

Reverse-cycle heaters

Many modern air-conditioners can also act as heaters in the winter when operated in reverse mode. If your heating system is not heating properly, it might indicate a clogged filter or possibly low refrigerant. If cleaning the filter does not solve the problem you might need to call your technician.

If the unit smells bad or is making strange noises, it may indicate some serious problems. In this case you should turn the system off and call for expert help.

Hydronic heaters

Hydronic heaters work by pushing heated water through a piped system, usually to a slab or to wall panels installed in the building. Some of the main things that can go wrong with a hydronic heater include breakdown of the water boiler or leaking pipework. In either of these cases it’s important to call for a repair technician and to take other steps to keep warm until repairs are completed.

Regular maintenance

Having your system regularly maintained can help to keep it in good condition and reduce the risk of breakdowns and the need for repairs. You should have your system inspected for problems and maintained by a professional heating technician at least every couple of years, or whenever it is not operating as well as it should.

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