If you are a city-dweller, then you are well aware that temperatures can easily hover 10 degrees higher in the city than out in rural areas. Great for the winter, but in late spring, summer and early fall, your home can quickly become uncomfortable, especially if your young children and the grandparents are susceptible to the heat.

At least in the country you can open the windows and catch some cooler air. But in the city, the close proximity of other homes and tall buildings deflects the breeze, and only hot air finds its way into your house.

If you own your home, a refrigerated ducted air conditioning system is still the best. With ducts behind your walls and ceilings, you can have air vents releasing cooling air into every room throughout your house.

In Melbourne, Australia, and other areas with similar climates, you have a second option from Staycool: an evaporated air system. This air conditioner does not use compressors, but triggers the natural evaporation that separates moisture from air. Then fans blow that drier air into all your rooms. Without excess moisture, the air feels much cooler. Because Melbourne has a lower humidity, this system is a great alternative for budget-sensitive families.

If you are renting or prefer wall or window units, Staycool has solutions for you, too. Our technicians can install individual units for you to cool each room separately. We carry top brand names that you have come to know and trust. Talk to us on 03 9703 2500 to find the air conditioning system that you like the best.