If you’re searching for a method of cooling your home that is well- matched to the dry Melbourne climate, consider evaporative cooling. This type of air conditioning will work in homes and residential buildings – all you need to do is ensure you can open a window or door to provide necessary circulation.

How an Evaporative Cooling Service Works

Evaporative cooling uses pads soaked in water to cool your home. Hot air from the outside of your property is pumped across the pads, causing the water to evaporate and the heat from the air to be absorbed.

With evaporative cooling, the pads work as a filtration system. The entire process cools the hot air which in turn, creates an air conditioned effect. A fan is used to push the now cold air through a ducting system to move it to other areas of your property.

The Importance of Leaving Open a Window or Door

Because the cool air does not recirculate through the home as it does in other types of air conditioning systems, it is necessary to leave a window or door open. This provides proper ventilation and keeps the air circulating across the cooling pads.

Why Choose Evaporative Cooling?

When you use an evaporative cooling service, you receive a constant flow of 100% cool, fresh air through your home or business. This is ideal for locations across the Melbourne region, and any where else that experiences long, hot summers.

An evaporative cooling service is also rather economical to run, especially when compared to the costs of operating other types of air conditioners. In fact, installing an evaporative cooling system can cut your cooling costs in half. If you’re looking for a way to save money while enjoying fresh, cool air in summer, this may be the option you need.

Evaporative cooling is also an environmentally friendly method of cooling your home or business, and requires much less electricity to run.

Installing an Evaporative Cooling Service Also Provides Great Health Benefits

There are plenty of important health benefits associated with using an evaporative cooling service. Those who suffer from allergies and respiratory difficulties will benefit greatly because this method humidifies the air and so does not dry out skin, sinuses or eyes.

The filtration system activated by the pads will also eradicate germs by removing them from the cool air, ensuring what you breathe is pure. This constant flow of fresh air will create a healthy, pleasant environment that will promote overall good health even for those who aren’t experiencing respiratory issues.

Evaporative Cooling Compared to Other System Types

Evaporative cooling provides distinct benefits over other types of cooling systems. It is simple to use and maintain, requiring less maintenance than other systems. As the unit adds humidity to the air, the continuous circulation creates a breeze that feels cool on the skin.

Evaporative cooling systems are very energy efficient. This means you will spend less on your monthly bill while conserving energy all-around.

When you choose an evaporative cooling service, you will also have the choice of installing a window unit or portable system. A window unit will require simple maintenance measures to be carried out in the spring and autumn to prepare it for use during the summer and for storage in winter. If you’re using a portable unit, you’ll need to clean the filters and water curtains every few weeks, and remember to drain the unit at the end of summer.

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