The heating and cooling systems in your home are designed to run efficiently and effectively over time, but giving them a little TLC every now and then can potentially save you thousands in unnecessary repair costs and extra energy expenses. We take a look at simple cooling and heating maintenance tips that will keep you comfortable and your system running at top condition.

Clean air filters of dust and pollen

Blocked air filters can cause havoc on the efficiency of your air conditioning. Systems used for cooling and heating in Melbourne can become clogged with everything from mould spores and pollen to dust and pet dander, making it harder for the system to do its work – and doing no favours for the air quality in the home. Replacing your air filter twice a year with a high quality filter will help keep your system and air quality at its best.

Check for leaks in ducted systems

Ducted systems are highly efficient for heating and cooling, however even small leaks in the system could be sending heat to waste into your roof rather than into living spaces. It’s a good idea to check for leaks at least once a year, and more if you use the ducting for both heating and cooling. If you notice a reduction in performance of your ducted system, it’s worth getting a professional in to identify the problem.

Give vents a spring clean

Your vents are the primary connection between you and your heating or cooling system, and it can be surprising how much dust and dirt can accumulate in them. If your vent grates can be removed, give them a wash in warm soapy water and replace them once fully dry. Clean up any spills, hair and debris around vents to ensure there’s no risk of blockage.

Schedule maintenance services early

An annual service is a worthwhile investment in your system no matter whether you use split systems, gas ducted heating or evaporative cooling. Your qualified service technician can check and improve system efficiency, air filters, any air quality and more. We recommend booking your maintenance appointment in the milder seasons to ensure your system is operating at its best by the time the heat or cold sets in.

The Staycool team is happy to provide further heating and cooling maintenance tips, and can carry out inspections of systems and air conditioners in Melbourne to identify any issues with your system. Contact us today on 03 9703 2500 to speak with an experienced air conditioning specialist.