Time to re-think about your old Air Conditioner and Get a new one

If you have noticed the temperature in your home creeping up even after you’ve re-set the thermostat down, and you hear the air conditioner kicking on for a few seconds then shutting off, your old air conditioner may be trying to tell you something.

Old Air Conditioning

At some point after you have called the repairman two or three times and the air conditioner works for only a day or two, you have to admit that perhaps your old system cannot be resurrected. So you run extra fans and open the windows at night, but that doesn’t really address the problem.

Telltale signs that you need a new air conditioner are: your electric bill has started an upward trend, your indoor plants are wilting no matter how much you water them, your freezer is icing over, and your dehumidifier is working overtime.

Purchasing a replacement air conditioner will take care of all these problems plus give you a cool, relaxing home. With a new air conditioning system installed by Staycool, you can enjoy a 24/7 temperature-controlled environment while you happily watch your electric bill take a downward turn. Staycool Heating and Air Conditioning installs only the most energy efficient systems. They are quiet, aesthetically appealing and have multi-room controls. Let our staff here at Staycool help you find a new air conditioning system that best fits your cooling needs.

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