Forewarned is forearmed. Experts around the globe say that Australia may suffer both its coldest and snowiest winter in decades, or even recorded history. When the southerly winds start bringing the first nips of the looming chill, make sure that your home stands prepared to fight the frosty cold days. These tips will help make sure that you stay safe and that your heating systems for your Melbourne area house run with as least expense as possible.

Prepare the Plumbing

Plummeting temperatures play havoc with your plumbing. Unprepared pipes left exposed to the cold can freeze up, followed by potential ruptures that can leave your household without water for days. When temperatures drop, make sure that you allow both your hot and cold faucets to drip and leave cabinet doors under sinks open to maximise the flow of warm air. Also, make sure that exposed pipes in basements, attics, crawl spaces, and any other exposed part of the house get insulated.

Trim Back Trees And Bushes

The icy cold can make tree limbs and bushes much more brittle and strong winds can transform them into potential disasters for your windows. Make sure that you get your limbs trimmed back so that they do not present any potential for damage to your windows or other fragile elements of your home.

Embrace Energy Efficiency

When the temperature drops, energy prices elevate. How much more you pay in part depends on preparing your home from the bottom up. Start with making sure that you have closed and sealed any basement windows and doors. This should also help to protect any exposed water pipes.

Next, install storm windows and doors, if possible, to double up your home’s protection from the cold. For a low cost alternative, use plastic sheeting and duct tape to cover windows. Examine your windows and doors to check for worn weather stripping. Caulk any additional window and door frame gaps as well as pipe entry points.

Taking steps to enhance efficiency ensures that your Melbourne heating system successfully keeps your house toasty warm without burning a hole in your pocket at bill time

Prepare For Emergencies

When cold temperatures, freezing rain, heavy snow, and icy southerly winds strike, they can leave your home without power or even cut off for days. Planning ahead of time can prevent disaster.

If you or someone in your household has medical problems and live in an isolated area, have a game plan for bad weather. Know ahead of time if you can stay with friends or family who live closer to emergency services

Also, prepare your home. Those with generators should make sure they are filled with fresh fuel and tested before winter arrives. Make sure that you call a Melbourne area expert if you suspect that your heating system might have issues. Stock up on blankets, water, and non perishable food. Make sure that the household first aid kit has all necessary medicines and supplies in case of injury or illness.

Winter can bring fun, natural beauty, and, best of all, unexpected days off. With proper preparation, it does not have to also bring astronomical energy bills, water pipe issues, or other pesky problems.